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Barco - Nashville Parthenon shines brilliantly in original colors

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Barco - Nashville Parthenon shines brilliantly in original colors
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A full-scale replica of the original temple built in 447 B.C. in Greece, the Nashville Parthenon reigns as the centerpiece of Centennial Park in the city. Japan’s major television and radio network company, Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc., wanted to depict the original colors of the ancient landmark by projecting onto the Nashville building, and feature the visual spectacular on its long-running travelogue show “Sekai fushigi hakken!” which means “Discover World’s Wonders.”

Local projection mapping company DWP Live executed the event from a technical standpoint, choosing Barco’s HDF-W30 projectors to illuminate the entablature in brilliant blue, green, red and gold hues, with columns shining in white light. “A lot of research went into rediscovering this historical information and Nashville is the only place that Tokyo Broadcasting could bring this research to life,” explained Rick Boot, DWP’s general partner and account manager for the project.

The DWP Live team had only two hours from dusk to show time to provision the show, and as usual, performed this nearly impossible feat with great success. Danny Whetstone, DWP Live’s owner and president and the event’s projectionist and show leader, comments: “Despite stormy weather conditions, our crew pulled everything together seamlessly thanks in large part to the Barco projectors’ ease of use and dependability. The result was a stunning display, with outstanding brightness and picture quality bringing this amazing landmark to life. ”

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