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Expo 2020 pavilions wow with unprecedented Barco visualization spectaculars

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Expo 2020 pavilions wow with unprecedented Barco visualization spectaculars
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After a year’s delay due to Covid-19, Expo 2020 finally opened in Dubai on October 1, 2021. Barco was present with a wide array of our visualization and collaboration solutions in 15 pavilions, including the ones from Morocco, Mexico, Italy, and the Netherlands, to name a few. The biggest Barco-powered installations, however, could be found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India pavilions with over 100 Barco projectors.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - a multimedia showpiece offering a window to the future

Reflecting their Vision 2030, the Saudi showpiece stood out and is one of the signature projects at the world fair. The state-of-the-art design by Boris Micka Associates is meant to tell visitors the story of the Kingdom; it’s history, heritage, culture and the future into which it is heading; through a fun and sensorial experience. Kraftwerk Living Technologies was chosen as the AV and multimedia partner to transform the ambitious concept into a realization.

The technology had to match the design’s level of innovation, both in terms of concept and quality. Reliability was a key concern, as the AV assets were expected to deliver a stable high-end performance for the complete duration of the world fair. The Barco F-series projectors could match all the expectations.

From multi-story projection mappings in the escalators to futuristic landscapes on curved screens, digital maps on a massive table and interactive floor. In total 87 different Barco projectors were integrated in the different the ground-breaking pavilion.

India - a glistering façade for the jewel of the expo

To symbolize the theme of ‘India on the move’, the façade of the India Pavilion is made up of a mosaic with 600 rotating blocks creating specific patterns and showcasing different stories about the history and literature of the country. When the night falls, the kinetic architecture turns into a vibrant show with sound and projections.

The government of India was looking for the least intrusive technology to turn their building into an outstanding storytelling platform. Nexxt Technologies was chosen as the AV and multimedia partner to transform the ambitious concept into a realization. The installation was an arduous and challenging work. Barco worked closely together with the different teams involved, from design to proof of concept and deployment. The collaboration led to an excellent result with the India pavilion one of the eye-catching venues at the Expo!

Having the whole world watching with the highest expectations, the world trade fair is the ultimate moment for countries to showcase the very best. So, we’re very proud to see our partners and customers represented at the expo with the most spectacular realizations, and are looking forward to more collaborations at Expo 2025 in Japan.


A complete portfolio in terms of lumens, resolution

Realization of ambitious designs through quality

Reliable performances - every day, every night

First-rate support from start to finish.

Barco solutions:

3x G60-W8 and 2x G60-W10

7x F80-4K7, 14x F80-Q12 and 5x F80-4K12

33x F70-W6 and 21x F70-4K6

1x F90-W13

2x UDX-4K22, 6x UDX-W32 and 2x UDX-4K40.

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