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Yunnan Wonderful Night: Barco illuminates the legend of the secret realm

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Yunnan Wonderful Night: Barco illuminates the legend of the secret realm
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The Nationalities Village in Yunnan, China, is a thematic scenic spot integrating the stories of twenty-five national minority cultures in Yunnan. Covering an area of 890,000 square meters, it was built in 1992 and plays an important role in the development of Kunming’s tourism industry. To further promote the development and inheritance of these nationality cultures, the local government has created China’s first multi-nationality cultural project: Yun Nan Wonderful Night, a light and shadow night show.

The first phase of the project selected six of the twenty-five local minority groups: Dai, Tibetan, Hani, De'ang, Jingpo, and Achang. The multi-nationality cultures and diverse biological characteristics are brought to life in an immersive visual arts night tour of 2.3 kilometers.

One of the most important things in the night tour is the effect of light and shadow. With the help of Barco projectors, the well-designed images and 3D effects are presented brilliantly, allowing tourists to experience the national culture and traditional mythology in an immersive experience.


"How to combine the story with the carrier structure to tell the story clearly and show strong naked-eye three-dimensional visual effects and dance interpretation? These were our challenges."


Recreating the nighttime vitality of the Nationalities Village requires an accurate creative presentation of national characteristics. The combination of stage carriers is crucial to display outstanding naked-eye stereoscopic visual effects.

The projection materials - including buildings, mountains, rocks, and trees - were highly complex with rigorous requirements in terms of brightness and image quality of the projectors. In addition, the projection on mountains and buildings with different shapes and forms, such as pagodas with cornices and uneven wooden walls, required the projectors to cover the projection area accurately.

Furthermore, the creative content reflecting the characteristics of national minorities is extremely rich in color. Hence, the projectors needed to offer wide color gamut that can accurately and realistically reproduce colors.


Considering the complex carrier structure and extreme color rendering requirements, the design team finally chose fifteen laser phosphor projectors in the range of 8,000 to 10,000 lumens accompanied by six more UDX-W22s as the projection equipment to achieve the challenging imaging task.

The projectors are equipped with realistic colors and can smoothly present the national image scroll without chromatic aberration on the ultra-long cultural wall. The laser light source ensures good image quality. With the support of high stability and precision, the projectors’ light beams cover the projection area precisely, making it possible to solve the difficulties caused by complex projection carriers.

With its advanced optical design, the UDX-W22 delivers ultra-high-definition images and brightness of up to 22,000 lumens. The Constant Light Output (CLO) function ensures constant brightness and color over long periods, providing the industry's most comprehensive range of color space with guaranteed brightness, ensuring perfect reproduction of colorful creations.


Throughout the project, Barco's professional installation team provided comprehensive support services from start to finish. Given the limited structure and imaging surface of the canvases, the project team carried out several implementation operations, such as positioning, installation, and commissioning, to set the 21 Barco projectors at the best angle, achieving a perfect combination of image and curtain structure and ensuring the best presentation of the content.

The powerful color expression and precise projection effect of Barco's projectors turn the uneven and different shapes of the stage carrier into a flat and neat "curtain", helping the night tour project to bring creativity into reality. It presents tourists with stunning visual effects and an unforgettable and immersive tour experience.

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