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From the moment of its debut in 2005, Oracle Red Bull Racing’s mission – and the culture that runs through the whole business – has been propelled by a single phrase – to win and to do it differently.


Building on a winning formula that propelled the organisation to victory in 2022, the Marketing Team has expanded exponentially to represent the Oracle Red Bull Racing brand across all marketing channels, building on its highly successful fan reward site, social media presence, and partner program to name just a few. With the growing team came a greater need to work together more collaboratively, and the team turned to PPDS to bring new meeting room and shared space displays to bring a seamless, high quality, branded solution to the office.


In the fast-paced world of F1 racing, teamwork is essential. Meeting with the Marketing Team at MK-7 in Milton Keynes, UK, it was clear that bringing each team within the busy department together with the tools to share and collaborate on projects and ideas, and to share successes, in meetings and throughout the marketing spaces, was the key focus.

A fleet of 10 Philips Collaboration C-Line displays – both Windows and Android based – was integrated into the marketing meeting rooms, as well as management offices and in shared spaces, such as the Break Out Zone and Energy Lounge. These were supplemented with 98” and 86” Philips Signage 4000 Series D-Line displays to bring team news, results and energising content to the team.

Delivering on the resilience, quality and coordinated approach seen throughout the Oracle Red Bull Racing organisation, these displays have brought new energy to the marketing office and new collaborative working capabilities throughout.


  • Wireless screen sharing: With the ability to show four feeds on the one screen, up to 64 devices can be connected to the display for quick content switching between participants in the room and remotely.
  • Power and versatility: Android-powered Philips Collaboration 6000 Series displays are fast, versatile, and intuitive. Optimised for native Android apps and ready for web apps to be installed, too. The 8000 Series displays include a Windows OPS PC for a true all-in-one solution.
  • Whiteboard mode: Including a whiteboard mode, Philips Collaboration displays can turn into a blank canvas that can be drawn on by multiple users by hand or with dedicated markers, and streamed back to the connected devices for easy file sharing.
  • Multi-touch technology: Perfect for collaborative and competitive applications, Philips Collaboration multi-touch displays are also enabled with automatic touch recognition and a HID compliant USB connector for true plug-and-play operation.
  • Fine-tuned colour and brightness: Matching specific colour guidelines is key for Oracle Red Bull Racing. Philips Professional Displays deliver on colour and contrast, as well as versatility and performance for winning results.
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