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Kanto Advantage: DIY TV Mounting
Posted on Saturday, January 1, 2022
Kanto Advantage: DIY TV Mounting

TV screens are evolving, and so is the technology that helps you install TVs in your home. Thanks to improving technology, mounting a TV to the wall has become a more popular, practical, and affordable option than ever before.

Today mounting a TV to your wall is a very feasible DIY installation project, but you still want everything to go just right. Kanto TV mounts are designed and packaged in a way to ensure you have a great TV mounting experience from start to finish.

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Unboxing Your DIY TV Wall Mount

Let's imagine you purchased a Kanto PDX680 . When you open the box, you'll see everything in a nice, clean, uncluttered layout so that everything is in place for you to begin your DIY TV mount installation. Hardware is placed in a labeled bolt box so that you can easily find the right hardware for the job.

Most Kanto wall mounts each come with a wall template that shows you exactly where to mark your holes so you can drill with precision and accuracy. These templates also each come with a dust collector to help keep your floor clean while you drill.

Kanto TV Wall Mount Key Design Features

Kanto mounts are designed to be convenient, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing.


Most Kanto mounts have cable management features built into the design. For example, the Kanto PMX series  has cable management built right into the articulating arms. Having a jumble of cables behind a TV screen would look messy or unprofessional, but if your cables are hidden, or at least tidy, it really clears up space around your TV and keeps things looking clean and welcoming. Built-in cable management features make it easier to manage your cables as opposed to trying to zip-tie your cables to your TV mount.


Leaving the bolts in your TV mount exposed wouldn't necessarily pose any safety or functional issues, but covering them up with a magnetic bolt cover gives your TV mount a nice finish. (These magnetic bolt covers are included with all applicable Kanto mounts.)


Kanto mounts are mostly constructed with high quality metals and materials that are durable, easy to install, and reliable for ongoing use.

Installing Your TV Mount – DIY Doesn't Mean You're Alone

Our manuals and installation videos  are designed to show you how to install your TV mounts.

If you still need additional support, our customer support team would be more than happy to help. We pride ourselves in our commitment to excellent after-purchase customer service and supporting your needs at any and all times. Whether you have a comment about our products, shipping, support or want to get in touch about business development – we'd love to hear from you. 

DIY Kanto Mounting Solutions


Mounting your TV outdoors is not only possible, but easy with the right tools and mount. With galvanized metal frames and a powder-coated finish to prevent rust and protect against wear and tear, mounts like the PDX650G  are completely weatherproof outdoor TV mounts.


Kanto mounts support screens of many sizes, including desktop monitors and tablets. Like our TV mounts, our desktop mounts are designed for seamless DIY installation–many of our mounts can be installed without crawling under the desk!


For those who can't or would prefer not to drill into walls to mount a TV, there are plenty of drill-free mounting solutions that work well for homes and office spaces alike.


If you're going to mount your TV on a floor stand, why not also have it on wheels? Kanto rolling TV carts like the MTM82PL provide the ultimate flexibility for TV mounting. You can set it up as you would a regular floor stand, and you can easily move your screen from room to room.

Enhancing Your Experience With Kanto Mounts

When you're shopping for TV mounts it's important to be able to buy with confidence. There's more than one way to mount a screen, and many factors for us to consider when it comes to helping you find your perfect solution.

Our blog and videos  serve to help you make informed decisions so that you can know exactly what to expect from your mount from its compatibility with your screen, how you can use it, and how to get the most out of your investment. For further information or to share feedback feel free to contact us. 

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