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Tripp Lite is your global manufacturer of power and connectivity solutions for any AV application. From the big screen to the soundboard, Tripp Lite has you covered with more than 4,000 products, many of which have earned multiple industry awards for design and function.
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New Laptop Hub Features Thunderbolt 4 Technology to Support Dual 4K Video
Posted on Friday, November 12, 2021
New Laptop Hub Features Thunderbolt 4 Technology to Support Dual 4K Video

Hub Creates a Multiport Workstation for Video, Data Transfer and Charging 

Chicago, IL — Tripp Lite, a global manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, makes it easy to take full advantage of the Thunderbolt 4 port on a desktop or laptop computer. 

Tripp Lite’s Thunderbolt 4 hub (model MTB4-HUB3-01) connects to the Thunderbolt 4 port on a host computer to create a multiport workstation. The hub has three Thunderbolt 4 ports (USB-C) and supports the transmission of a single high-quality 8K video stream or dual 4K video signals, which is an upgrade from Thunderbolt 3. 

The Thunderbolt 4 ports transfer data at speeds up to 40 Gbps collectively. Users can cascade a total of six levels of Thunderbolt-compatible devices. There is also a USB 3.2 Gen 2 port (USB-A) with data transfer up to 10 Gbps. 

Smart charging technology identifies the charging requirements of connected devices so the ports deliver the right amount of power to charge devices safely and efficiently. The hub supports power input up to 100 watts with the included power supply and provides up to 60 watts for charging the host device. Each Thunderbolt 4 port supports up to 15 watts for downstream charging of connected devices, and the USB 3.2 Gen 2 port offers 0.9 amps. 

“Tripp Lite’s Thunderbolt 4 hub offers a simple way to get the full benefit of a computer’s Thunderbolt 4 port,” said David Posner, Tripp Lite’s Vice President, Connectivity and Peripherals. “Using a single port on a compatible device, users can create a full workstation for watching ultra high-resolution video, transferring data and charging devices.”

Key Features of Tripp Lite’s Thunderbolt 4 Hub 

  • Three Thunderbolt 4 ports (USB-C) support 8K video or dual 4K video, data transfer up to 40 Gbps and device charging
  • Hub supports up to six levels of cascaded Thunderbolt-compatible devices 
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 port (USB-A) offers data transfer up to 10 Gbps and device charging 
  • Smart power technology distributes the right amount of power to devices 
  • Included power supply provides up to 60W to charge the host computer Learn more about Tripp Lite’s Thunderbolt 4 hub


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